Wild Type Betta sp. wajok a mouth brooder?

December 3, 2018


It has been documented before that the Wild Betta fish that are part of the coccina complex have the ability to switch to mouth brooding if bubble nest building is not a option. This is exactly what happened to my wajok that at that time resided in a 5 gal aquarium. The setup was entirely submerged under water. No floating plants, No floating leaves, no bubble nest was ever witnessed at the surface, but the wajok spawned numerous times and the fry grew along side their siblings and parents. It was my mistake that the fish were not provided with the means to build a proper bubble nest. I will say it was not intentional! But a simple oversight on my part. With that being said the wajok found a way to reproduce and in my opinion they resorted to mouth brooding unless they built a nest in a cave of sorts like some Gourami species. I never witnessed the males holding as the original trio are wild caught imports and are very secretive. The wajok found a way to reproduce and the fry are numerous and developing perfectly. I just moved the whole group to a larger setup and so far so good. I will provide the wajok with some floating botanicals and we will see if they continue to reproduce. Stay tuned and visit our Wild Betta Fish USA store for available Captive breed Betta sp wajok ready now for new homes. 



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